3 Sounds Your Water Heater Shouldn’t Make

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You don't want a water heater that makes absolutely no noise in your home. Silence usually indicates that the system simply isn't operating at all. But a noisy water heater is going to be a big problem too.

You may be wondering, "Okay then what noises do I NOT want my water heater to make?" We are happy to answer that question so you know when to reach out to us for help with this vital home system. Whenever you need help with your plumbing in Brooklyn Park, MN, you can come to us to get things back in working order.

3 Sounds Your Water Heater Shouldn't Make

As we mentioned above, you don't want your water heater to be completely silent. A little bit of noise is normal. It's these key sounds that we've listed that are indicators of, well, trouble in the water (pardon the pun). Keep your ears alert for these noises and reach out for professional repairs as soon as you notice them:

  • Kettling: There isn't a tea kettle on the stove so where is that whistling noise coming from? It could be your water heater. A high-pitch whistle, commonly referred to as kettling, can indicate a problem with your water heater. This is usually caused by water that is captured within sedimentary build-up in your pipes and heated up into a gaseous state which, when it releases, makes that lovely whistle. The sooner you get a plumber to address this, the better for your system and your comfort.
  • Rumbling: When you are around your water heater do you hear a rumbling noise? Maybe you brushed it off for a bit as normal but now it is getting louder and you've noticed it is taking longer to get hot water. Rumbling is a problem because it is another sound caused by sediment that has built up in your system and is hindering the heating process. Rumbling sounds should be addressed with a system flush sooner than later.
  • Banging or booming: Does it sound like there is a bang or boom in your water heater when it is running? This is likely a concerning sound, as it should be. While banging or booming can sometimes be chalked up to the thermal expansion of your water, it may also be yet another indicator that you have a large amount of sediment in your systems that is messing with its operation.

You deserve to have access to hot water throughout the year without encountering a hassle. That is what our team is here to help with. We provide water heater services as part of our many plumbing services provided to residents around here. With the help of our team of professionals, you can get your water heater assessed and repaired in a timely manner.

The next time something seems to be off with your water heater, come to the team that has helped people in the area since 1985. We are the pros you can rely on.

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