3 Things You Can Do for a Better-Working Furnace before Winter

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Was your furnace slow last year, or did you have to deal with it breaking down multiple times when you needed it the most? Were you frustrated by high heating costs that seemed out of your control? This year, we want to help. We’re offering tips for homeowners who want more out of their furnaces this winter, even if it’s not time to schedule a replacement just yet.

#1: Schedule Maintenance

We know we sound like a broken record with this one, but it’s so important to schedule furnace maintenance each and every year. It’s a service that can help restore efficiency to your heater, because a simple tune-up may allow the components to operate more smoothly. In addition, you’ll know about any necessary heating system repairs you need to make now, rather than finding out about problems only after your heater breaks down. And you can feel confident that your furnace is operating safely after an inspection.

#2: Seal Up the Ducts

This isn’t really something you can do on your own. You’ll need professionals to assess your ductwork and determine where leaking air may contribute to inefficiency and poor heating and AC performance, then use high-quality equipment to seal the ducts. But after air leaks are sealed up—and most ventilation systems leak up to 30% of the air the system circulates through the ducts—your heater will operate much more efficiently. Air can be distributed evenly to the different rooms in the home so you’re likely to feel a lot more comfortable.

#3: Install a Wi-Fi Thermostat

Frustrated by the lack of control you have over your furnace’s performance when you are not at home? Consider installing a Wi-Fi thermostat to control your heating and air conditioning systems from wherever you are. Your thermostat connects to the Wi-Fi in your home to allow you total control from an app on your phone.

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