6 Ways to Upgrade Your Heating System

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Is your heating system running just the way you want it to? Or could you use an upgrade for your comfort, your health, or your system’s efficiency? We’ve got some recommendations on how you can upgrade your heating system and feel much more comfortable throughout the years.
  • Replace it – Of course, this is only a consideration if you have an older furnace or one that is beginning to fail. But being proactive and replacing the furnace before it breaks down for good can save you a lot of trouble later on. It also gives you more time to pick out the perfect furnace for your home, one with a high efficiency rating and all of the optional features you desire.
  • Add in zone control – Adding in a zone control system to your ducts is a time-consuming task, but when the job is complete, you get thermostats in various rooms so that you can change the temperature in different areas of the home without affecting the temperature throughout the house.
  • A whole-house humidifier – In the winter, dry air can have a major effect on how comfortable you feel, and it can prolong that winter illness. Get a whole-house humidifier to make your home more comfortable and for your health.
  • Upgrade the thermostat – The thermostat is a crucial component to the performance of the system, so how come you haven’t updated yours in so long? Get a new programmable thermostat with a clear display or consider a smart thermostat you can operate from your phone.
  • Air purifiers – Your filter might not cut it when it comes to eliminating the allergens that bother you the most. Upgrade your heating system by supplementing the air filter with a whole-house air purifier.
  • Change the air filter – Okay, this one isn’t really an upgrade. But it’s important! Change your filter regularly and the system may run smoothly month after month.
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