A Guide to Keeping Your Air Conditioning System Clean

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Dusting the bookshelves, scrubbing the refrigerator and vacuuming the rug are cleaning tasks that make your living space neat and can help remove contaminants like bacteria. While you scrub and organize your home regularly, there’s one cleaning task many homeowners skip over that could save a lot of money. Keeping the air conditioner clean allows it to run smoothly and may greatly reduce monthly energy costs. For more information on keeping the AC clean, read on, and call your local air conditioning technicians for an annual maintenance visit.

Changing the Filter

The easiest way to save money on monthly cooling costs is to change the air filter every month. Air is sucked into the system by a blower fan, and it goes through the air filter before it reaches the inside portion of the air conditioner. If the air filter is too clogged up with debris, then it won’t be able to pull in enough air to sufficiently cool your home. However, it will continue to run and consume more energy than is usually necessary to cool your home. Additionally, some of the parts can wear down, leading to further costs for repairs.

Cleaning the Coils

Another thing you should do each year is to have the coils of your outdoor condenser unit cleaned. These coils allow heat to disperse as refrigerant condenses in them, and if they are too dirty, the cooling process is slowed down. We don’t recommend cleaning these on your own, as it is a delicate piece that could become damaged if the cleaning technique is too abrasive or if you use the wrong type of cleaning agent. An annual professional air conditioning maintenance visit takes care of this task, and your technician should clean the blower components and make adjustments as well. Contact the professionals at Air Mechanical, Inc. for air conditioning maintenance services in Ham Lake and the surrounding areas. We will make sure that your air conditioner is prepared to keep you cool on the hottest of days.

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