Do Air Conditioners Really Need Regular Tune-Ups?

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question-mark-blueIn our area, winter tends to be a much harsher season than summer. If you live in the upper Midwest, you might have a collection of winter coats but very few flip-flops and pairs of shorts. Still, we all know there are days throughout the summer that would be quite difficult to get through without air conditioning. So if you have a central air conditioner, it’s important that you take care of it.

This means changing the filter each month, or at least every few months, and doing whatever you can to keep your air conditioner in good shape for longer, so you don’t have to replace it after only a handful of seasons. We recommend annual AC tune-ups, but many people aren’t sure these are really necessary in our region.

Parts Wear Down

However, components of your air conditioner will wear down, whether through excessive use or simply the passage of time. Often, before the air conditioning season is in full force, air conditioners show signs of wear and tear that can be easily fixed, like a wearing fan belt or electrical connections that need tightening, both of which can often be handled during routine maintenance.

While it may not seem necessary to schedule annual maintenance for your central air conditioner, wouldn’t it be nice to have these problems taken care of before the summer weather really picks up?

Components Gather Dust and Debris

In addition, components of your air conditioner can develop dust or become blocked by debris with time. Your outside condenser unit is subject to the elements. And even if you cover it for the fall and winter, the coil can still become coated with dust to the extent that it won’t be able to release heat into the air, hindering the entire cooling process.

Each year, during a maintenance session, a technician can clean off the outdoor coil, either with a high-pressure hose or chemicals for severe buildup. They can also clean debris out of a blower fan and elsewhere if necessary.

You May Not Spot the Signs Until It’s Too Late

What really makes it so important to have regular tune-ups? You might think air conditioners run into few problems in our area. But that’s because homeowners rarely spot cooling issues until it is too late.

A broken part can really wear out your air conditioner, a part that could have been repaired sooner if caught during routine maintenance. Let it go on for too long, though, and the whole AC system can wear out, requiring more costly repairs or even needing replacement sooner than expected.

Preseason Tune-Ups Give You a Necessary Boost

Preseason air conditioner tune-ups help you to get through the warmest weather with ease. You can go on with your day-to-day activities throughout the summer without worrying about an AC breakdown messing up your plans.

Besides, a tune-up includes several little adjustments that help your air conditioner to run smoothly. This means better comfort and—the best part—a higher overall energy savings.

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