Furnace Efficiency Tips

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If you’re like many people in Andover, you’re looking for ways to save money on your energy bills. With energy prices on the rise, people are doing everything they can to decrease the amount of fuel that they have to buy to heat their home. If you have a furnace in Andover, you’re likely in the same situation. Whether you have a gas-fired furnace or an electric furnace, we put together some tips on how to maximize the efficiency of your furnace.

Andover Insulation

Insulation is one of the most important factors in improving the energy efficiency of your Andover home. During the winter, the insulation in your attic is especially important. As heat rises into your ceiling and your attic, the insulation there needs to be able to keep as much heat inside your home as possible. Having a heating professional inspect your home’s insulation is a great way to find out exactly what state your insulation is in and if it needs to be replaced.

Seal Your Ducts

The ducts are like the veins of your heating system: they carry the heated air to each room in your home. If you have leaks or holes in your ducts, all the fuel that you purchased to heat the air might be lost when the air escapes out the cracks in your ducts. As your ducting ages, it might also shift and begin to pinch.  Unnecessary pinches or bends in your ducts can reduce the efficiency of the heater as it tries to push the air through.

Use Solar Power

If there is sunshine during the day, open your window blinds to allow in as much sunlight as possible. While there might not be a lot of heat, the sun’s heat will still collect inside your home.

Close the Doors between Rooms

By closing the doors between the rooms, you can trap the heat inside. This will keep heat from escaping out into your hallways or other spaces. If you have any questions about the efficiency of your home in Andover, call the professional heating technicians at Air Mechanical. We take pride in the furnace and heating services that we offer our customers. We would love to talk with you about how you can improve the efficiency of your home and reduce your energy consumption.

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