Heating Tip: Does My Heat Pump Have a Refrigerant Leak?

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When properly installed, professionally maintained and expertly repaired a heat pump is an efficient home heating and cooling method. Like any other home heating and air conditioning system, though, problems do occur. No system is perfect, and the best thing you can do for your heat pump in Andover is to schedule professional service the moment you suspect that something is wrong with the system. The sooner any possible problems are resolved the less serious the ramifications are likely to be. Contact Air Mechanical today if you are concerned about a possible refrigerant leak with your heat pump. We can find out for sure if this is the case. Before jumping to any conclusions about a possible refrigerant leak in your heat pump you must remember that pretty much any issue with a heating and cooling system may have multiple possible causes. Still, there are certainly some indications that point toward a refrigerant leak. One problem that may indicate a leak in your heat pump is the frequent freezing up of your evaporator coils. A heat pump generally has a defrost mode to handle this problem, and it is not that uncommon. If it is frequent occurrence or is happening more and more, though, there is a good chance your heat pump is leaking refrigerant. Even lowered efficiency and compressor failure can be caused by a refrigerant leak. Again, though, it is certainly not the only cause. The only way to know for sure if you have a refrigerant leak is to have your heat pump inspected by a professional. One strong indicator of a refrigerant leak is simply lowered levels in the heat pump system. Refrigerant is not actually consumed, but is recycled for reuse again and again. During testing a bit of refrigerant may escape here and there, but the levels should be pretty constant. Even this may not be a sure sign, though, as a mistake could have been made allowing for a large refrigerant loss without an actual leak. Whatever the cause of your heat pump issues, a professional Andover heating service provider is the only one that can resolve it with certainty. Contact Air Mechanical today for the services you need to diagnose and repair any refrigerant leaks in your heat pump. We can get it back on track in no time.

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