Water Treatment Systems: What’s So Bad About Hard Water?

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Hard water is so-called due to its high mineral content, typically above-average levels of calcium and magnesium, in addition to other trace minerals. While hard water is not perceived to be harmful to drink, it can seriously harm our home plumbing systems. When hard water runs through your piping, it leaves behind small mineral deposits. Over time, these accumulate to reduce the aperture of the pipe. Because of the hardness of these deposits, they are not easily removed, and they often lead to repiping, which can be costly. That’s why many homeowners have already taken the necessary steps towards removing the hardness of their home water supply. For Andover, MN water treatment systems, call Air Mechanical today! Now that you know a little bit about hard water, let’s examine some of the ways a water treatment system might help to eliminate its danger:
  • Reverse osmosis. This process was created as an industrial tool to desalinize salt water, in order to make it a potable water source. But the technology has dramatically improved over the last 50 years, and reverse osmosis systems can now be installed in your home, either at the water main, or as an under the counter solution. They work by reversing the biological process of osmosis, by which a weaker concentration will gravitate towards a stronger concentration. Your hard water is just such a concentration. Reverse osmosis removes the hardness of water by pressurizing the incoming water through a semipermeable membrane. It’s comprehensive and effective.
  • Water softening. Another option for treating the hard water issue is to install a water softener. Water softening works by exchanging the calcium and magnesium ions in the hard water with sodium ions. As the water passes through a tank full of polystyrene beads positively charged with sodium ions, the exchange takes place. The result is soft water with very low amounts of sodium.
Reverse osmosis is more comprehensive than water softening, and customers concerned about their sodium intake may want to seek an alternative. If you’re considering ways to change your hard water, then take the time to consult with a professional. For more information about our Andover, MN water treatment systems, call Air Mechanical today!

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