Furnace Repair: Clogged Air Filters

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Spring is a great time to ensure that your heating system works well. Whether you have a gas or electric furnace, it relies heavily on the air filter to ensure that dust and debris do not accumulate on sensitive mechanical components. If this occurs, your furnace will simply not be able to perform as it should, and it can result inadequate heating, decreased energy efficiency, and even premature system replacement. Thus, while a relatively easy task, it’s incredibly important to remember to change your air filter on a regular basis. When you need Blaine, MN furnace repair, call the experts at Air Mechanical today!

  • Blower motor fault. Your blower motor is responsible for blowing the heated air throughout your ductwork, after it has been heated by the heat exchanger. But when if you have a clogged air filter, then the blower motor will continue to work harder and harder until it overheats or breaks due to the increased load. By keeping your furnace air filter clean at all times, you can ensure that your blower motor is not undergoing any additional load.
  • Short-cycling. One of the most common issues related to a clogged air filter is short-cycling, which means when your furnace turns on and off frequently. When it cannot complete a heating “cycle,” your furnace will perform inefficiently, which can lead to a rise in energy costs. It will also increase the wear and tear on many of the system’s components.
  • Overheating. Your furnace is not enough. If it begins to overheat, it can cause all sorts of problems with operation. A clogged air filter causes your heated air to build up inside the air handler, leading to overheating. Temperature fluctuations can cause your heat exchanger to crack and this repair is both dangerous and costly!

Make sure you check and clean your furnace air filter about once a month during the heating season, and replace it when necessary. Operating your furnace with a clogged air filter only leads to problems. Call Air Mechanical today for comprehensive Blaine, MN furnace repair services!

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