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ceiling-fan-spinning You might think of a ceiling fan as a cooling feature that’s only for use in lieu of air conditioning—never in tandem. Most homeowners use their ceiling fan for mild cooling needs and choose to switch on their air conditioning when temperatures start to rise. When used with your air conditioning, ceiling fans can help save money by reducing your reliance on your air conditioning. One of our qualified Andover Electricians can service your ceiling fan to ensure that it’s functioning at full capacity so you’re getting the best results.

How Your Fan Works

To understand why it's beneficial to use your ceiling fan and your air conditioning together, it’s important to know how your ceiling fan works. The blades of the ceiling fan spin and push air downward from the top of the room which creates a breeze. A common misconception is that the fan cools the room, it doesn't, the fan cools you. The sensation of a cold temperature sweeping over the body provides relief. Bonus Tip: Don’t leave your ceiling fan running if no one is in the room. There must be people present for it to have any effect. Leaving your fan on when you’re not present only wastes electricity, it doesn’t cool the room.

How Your Fan Can Help

  • It Allows You to Turn Up the Thermostat: If you turn on your fan while you run your air conditioner you can also raise the temperature of your thermostat. Turning up your thermostat saves your energy and money. If you use your fan strategically, your summer AC bill can drop by 15% or more.
  • It Provides Better Cooling: If you’re trying to get the most out of your cooling, make sure your fan is rotating counterclockwise. Manufacturers already set most fans in this direction, but if yours isn’t set this way you can change it by flipping the switch that’s typically found on the motor housing. The fan spinning counterclockwise works because cool air collects near the floor and hot air rises. A counterclockwise rotation blows the air downward, forcing the cool air settled at the floor to move outward cooling the room. This provides a steady, cool breeze.
  • It Helps You Heat Up Too: Fall cools off fairly quickly here in Andover. As we get closer to winter, switch your blades back to spinning clockwise. This rotation will pull the air up toward the ceiling driving the warm air that’s risen naturally back down to keep you and your family toasty during these crisp fall days. When you try this tactic, make sure that the fan is spinning at a low setting.
If you struggle to get the most out of your air conditioner, live in a two-story home with uneven cooling temperatures, or just want to try more cost-effective means of heating and cooling, your ceiling fan is your biggest ally. Using your ceiling fan can really help to perfect cooling and heating, level out imbalances, and can even lower your bills.

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