Can You Benefit from Zone Heating in Apple Valley?

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Have you ever had a disagreement with a family member about the temperature in the home? Many people have individual temperature preferences that lead to arguments in the house about whether it is kept too cold or too hot. But you can keep from ever hearing an argument about the temperature again by installing zone control. A zone control system is installed as a set of dampers in the ductwork that open and close to let more or less airflow in and adjust the temperature in a given room. Each room has a thermostat that controls only the damper in the duct that leads to that room, and there is also a master thermostat that controls all of the areas of the house. This means your family members can choose to keep a room warmer or colder according to their preferences. There are many other benefits to zone heating, detailed here.

Even Temperatures throughout the Home

One of the ways zone heating helps homeowners is by keeping temperatures even throughout the house. In large houses or homes with unique architectural designs, one area of the home often feels warmer than the others. Heat rises, so it may be that the upstairs areas are typically warmer, or it could be that a large window in a single room keeps it cooler. In any case, zone heating can help keep temperatures even no matter where you are in the home since you can adjust that zone separately from the others.

Save Money

Another way zone heating benefits you is by saving you money. For one, you won’t feel the need to blast the heat throughout the home just to make the downstairs feel as warm as the second floor. Additionally, you can save money by turning off the heat to unoccupied areas of the home. If you don’t use the upstairs rooms throughout the day, try shutting off the heat in that area only. And in the summer, you can continue to save money by using the same set of dampers and thermostats for zone cooling as well! Are you interested in a zone heating system for your home? Call Air Mechanical, Inc. to ask how you can get zone heating in Apple Valley today!

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