Common Causes of Kitchen Plumbing Problems in Ham Lake

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We use our home plumbing systems every day of the year. Dependable indoor plumbing is one of the greatest luxuries that modern life has to offer, and your kitchen plumbing allows you to cook and clean conveniently and hygienically. Any disruption to the convenience can be a real headache, but every now and then a kitchen plumbing problem does develop. Knowing the common causes of kitchen plumbing issues – and avoiding the practices behind those causes – can help ensure the continued, uninterrupted performance you want from your kitchen plumbing system in Ham Lake. The expert Ham Lake plumbers at Air Mechanical have some information for you to review. If you have any further questions about the common causes of kitchen plumbing problems give us a call. One of our professional plumbers will be happy to provide you with the help you need. At some point we will probably all have to deal with a leaking pipe or two. One convenient aspect of the plumbing in your kitchen is the fact that so much of it is exposed. Take a peak under your sink. With small leaks the most common cause to keep an eye out for is a poor or loose connection at a joint in the pipe. A worn out washer is another likely culprit, and both problems are easy and affordable to repair. A more serious leak can develop if your pipe has corroded through or is cracked. A backed up sink is another common problem in the kitchen. When you’re cooking be sure to dispose of any food scraps in the garbage before washing them. Even small chunks of food can get trapped and block other scraps from passing by, leading to a backup. Remember also to never put any grease or fat down your drain. That frying pan may be full of liquid after you cook your bacon, but once that liquid cools down it will congeal and become gelatinous. This goop can stick to the sides of your pipes and cause serious problems. If you have garbage disposal be sure that you are only putting appropriate foods down it. Pasta may not seem like it’s much of a match for those whirring blades, but its soft texture protects it from being broken down small enough to avoid trouble. Pasta also absorbs water, meaning that you’ve now basically got a shredded sponge in your drain. Oh, and next time someone tells you that eggshells are good for your disposal and sharpen the blades, ask them just how exactly they think that works. It doesn’t, and it’s a good way to clog your pipes. There are plenty of other minor issues that cause the most common problems with kitchen plumbing. If you need help with a plumbing issue in the kitchen of your Ham Lake home, call the great plumbers at Air Mechanical. We’re always here to help.

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