Common Electrical Air Conditioning Repairs

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Your air conditioning system uses a number of very complex electrical systems in order to provide your home with cooling. There are a number of common issues that can happen with your AC’s electrical system. If you’re having any problems with your AC unit just call the friendly specialists at Air Mechanical Inc. today for Blaine, MN air conditioning repair. We wanted to put together some of the most common electrical issues that we see so that our customers can recognize issues when they happen.

Blaine, MN Air Conditioning Repair: Electrical Problems

If you start to notice any of the following issues with your air conditioning system make sure that you call for Blaine, MN air conditioning repair.
  • Air conditioning won’t start – If your AC system won’t turn on then it likely means that your home is uncomfortable and you need to call for AC repair. This problem can sometimes be caused by bad wiring in your thermostats. All that might be required in this case is for your thermostats to be replaced. However, this issue could also be something more serious like bad capacitors or a broken motor.
  • Capacitors – Your air conditioning system uses several different motors to cool your home. There is a fan motor outside, a fan motor inside, as well as a compressor motor. Each of these motors has a capacitor that stores energy and helps the motor start when you turn on your AC system. If the capacitors for the motors stop working then it means that your air conditioning won’t start. It could also mean that only one of the motors of your AC system works or that only the compressor turns on.
  • Air conditioning turning on and off – If your air conditioning system turns on and off frequently it is referred to as “short cycling”. This issue can sometimes be caused by bad thermostat wiring but it can also be caused when your air conditioning system is too large for your house. If this is the case in your home you may need to replace your air conditioning system.
If you need any Blaine, MN air conditioning repair just call the specialists at Air Mechanical Inc.

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