Common Types of Boiler Leaks

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If you own a boiler in Andover, you understand the need to get it repaired quickly at the first sign of trouble. Our winters are as harsh as they come, and without reliable heating, your home will soon resemble an ice box.  A boiler that springs a leak won’t be able to do its job, and you need to contact a service professional to see about repairing the leak as soon as you notice one. Common types of boiler leaks can include but are not limited to the following:
  • Corrosion leaks. The introduction of minerals and/or excess oxygen into the water can cause corrosion and rust in the sides of the boiler.  Inclement weather might also cause rusting if the boiler is left exposed to it for any reason. With any kind of rusting, leasing become a possibility.
  • Pressure leaks. When the relief valves are worn or suffer from undue stress, they could spring a leak when the boiler is running. These are exceedingly dangerous because they can lead to a rupture or even an explosion in some cases.
  • Temperature leaks. Going hand-in-hand with pressure leaks, high temperatures inside the boiler can cause leaks at weak points. Water expands when it gets hot, creating pressure and seeking an egress wherever it can find one. That can spell real trouble, especially since it often happens when your boiler is running and you presumably need its heating power.
  • Fittings and links. The fittings between pipes and valves, soldered points in fittings, and similar points between fitted parts are prime candidates to spring a leak, especially when they get old or  worn out. They’re less catastrophic than other sorts of leaks, but still need to be treated in order to make your boiler functional again.
A boiler needs to function at its peak when the temperatures drop, and a leak is not something you can ignore. For common types of boiler leaks, as well as more substantive repair issues, contact Air Mechanical Inc. to help. Our trained staff of experts knows how to handle boiler installations and repairs, and can conduct operations with your complete satisfaction in mind. Call us today to set up an appointment.

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