Consider Installing a Water Softener Today

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Many people don't call a plumber until there is a major problem with the pipes or fixtures in their homes. But plumbers do more than just fix pipes. They can also install many optional plumbing components, including those which can actually prevent plumbing damages from occurring in the first place.   A whole-home water softener is one of the most beneficial systems you can have when it comes to protecting the home plumbing system. A water softener can save you from the early failure of your pipes and the major fixtures and appliances you rely on everyday. So how exactly can a simple plumbing fixture do so much? Read more below.

Prevents Harmful Mineral Deposits from Ruining Pipes and Fixtures

"Hard water" is a problem that exists in the majority of plumbing systems across the U.S. It's not a health hazard; in fact, calcium (which keeps bones healthy) is one of the main minerals that makes up hard water. A high concentration of minerals may not make you sick, but it can do some damage to your pipes and fixtures. Mineral deposits left behind in the pipes reduces the volume of water that can travel through. Water pressure drops until the pipes are so restricted they have to be torn out and replaced in severe cases. Appliances like your clothes washer may also suffer damages. Water softeners replace minerals with (a harmless amount of) salt in order to eliminate calcium and magnesium from the entire water supply.

Makes Life a Little Bit Easier

There are a few other reasons homeowners decide to install water softeners. Many people claim that hard water actually dries out their hair and makes it appear dull. Hard water makes it more difficult for soap to dissolve, which means soap scum is more likely to get left behind in sinks and tubs. And you may have to run dishes or clothes for an extra load, since the soap might not rinse completely, and since spots and residue may get left behind. To learn more about water softeners, contact the skilled plumbers at Air Mechanical, Inc. today, proudly serving Andover, MN and the surrounding areas since 1985.

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