Do You Have a Carbon Monoxide Detector Installed?

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You should! A carbon monoxide detector is a simple home system that helps keep you and your family safe. Carbon monoxide is a colorless, odorless, and tasteless toxic gas that’s highly dangerous to your health. You can easily protect your family from the dangerous side effects of carbon monoxide by installing a carbon monoxide detector. If you’re thinking of installing a carbon monoxide detector in your home, you need the best Andover Electrician for the job. Here at Air Mechanical, Inc., we have a reliable team of service technicians that can provide you with the best service possible.

The Potential Dangers of Carbon Monoxide

As we mentioned above, carbon monoxide is a gas undetectable to the average person. In order to understand why a carbon monoxide detector is so important to your home, it’s important to understand how dangerous carbon monoxide truly is. Excess levels of carbon monoxide typically arise from malfunctioning appliances in your home. Do you have any of the following in your home?
  • Gas appliances (dryers, stoves, water heaters)
  • Fuel-fired furnaces
  • A charcoal grill
  • A fireplace or woodstove
  • A car
If you do, then you need a carbon monoxide detector. If these things malfunction and you don’t have a carbon monoxide detector to pick up on this, then you’re at risk of lethal levels of carbon monoxide building up in your home. Don’t take any chances with your health.

Why Choose a Professional?

There are many battery-operated carbon monoxide detectors that you can purchase on the market, but they aren’t as high quality or reliable as the detectors that we can install for you. Installing a trustworthy carbon monoxide detector requires an experienced and knowledgeable electrician. Our technicians can connect the carbon monoxide detector of your choice to your power grid and ensure that it has a good source of backup power in case you lose electricity. If you choose to buy a cheap, battery-powered alternative you won’t be protected if the batteries go out. This type of technology isn’t a place to cut corners—choose the best technology available to protect your home.

Go “Smart”

We’re in the age of smartphones, smart tablets, and smartwatches—shouldn’t your carbon monoxide detector be smart too? We encounter more homeowners now than ever who make the switch to smart thermostats, but they aren’t aware of their options for carbon monoxide detectors. When you choose a smart carbon monoxide detector, the detector alerts you of any problems with carbon monoxide from the convenience of your phone. This is useful to protect your home from anywhere. You’ll rest easy knowing that your furry friends are safe at home even when you’re not there.

Why Choose Air Mechanical, Inc.?

Our team here at Air Mechanical, Inc. has faithfully served Andover and the surrounding area since 1985. It’s our personal mission to provide you with the best service possible at the best prices available. We understand how important these systems are in your home and we work with the best brands and ensure that our technicians are certified and incredibly knowledgeable.

If you’d like to install a carbon monoxide detector in your home, contact our team today to schedule an appointment.

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