Do You Need Sump Pump Repairs?

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The sun peaking through the clouds can feel a bit like it is taunting us because we all know that it is still really cold outside. But at least it isn't raining all too much right now. It is nice that you were able to get through some of the wetter weather without any flooding issues like what happened before you got your sump pump.

Speaking of your sump pump though, there still may be more flood risks down the road so while there is a small lull it is a good idea to check on your system to make sure it is ready, just in case. Much like checking your car after a long drive, if your sump pump has been working hard lately, you will want to check it for any possible repair needs it may have accrued.

So what is something that you absolutely can't put off when you have a home in Andover? Plumbing services! Why? Because when you have a plumbing appliance like a sump pump, you really want to make sure that you take care of it so it will help take care of you when you need it most!

With that in mind, here are some potential repairs that you may need to address to ensure your sump pump operates effectively moving forward.

Your Sump Pump Might Need Repairs If...

  • Its Drain is Blocked: Your sump pump works by draining or pumping out the water that goes into the sump pit and depositing it elsewhere to avoid flooding. Over time though, the drainage pipe that is responsible for getting rid of that water can become clogged. Make sure to check the drain for your sump pump to ensure that the way is clear.
  • It Has No Power: Sump pumps require an electrical connection to operate as well. Double-check that your sump pump is properly connected to a power source and, just in case, a backup power source. If there is no power feeding your sump pump, you may need to have it fixed.
  • It is Having a Mechanical Issue: Your sump pump's check valve or other parts may become stuck over time. This plumbing appliance does need its fair share of maintenance after all. If these parts become stuck, your sump pump won't know when to start pumping. Have these mechanical elements checked to ensure you don't run into problems later.

Whether you need repairs for your sump pump, your kitchen sink drain, or another piece of plumbing in your home, you should know that you always need to work with a professional plumber to get the results you want. Only a trained professional will have the knowledge, experience, and tools necessary to give you the service that you need. An amateur won't be able to provide the same quality service and can actually make the situation worse.

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