Does the Size of My New Heater Matter?

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One of the reasons you should always seek advice from professionals when selecting a new heating system for your home is that you need expertise not only to select the proper type of heater that will satisfy your home’s needs, but also to select the proper size of heater. Why should size matter so much? It seems logical to simply go with the largest model available within your budget. Isn’t it better to err on the side of a heater that’s too large rather than one that’s too small? This may sound rational if you’re unfamiliar with the technical aspects of home heating and cooling. But having a heater that is too large and powerful for your home is as bad as having one that’s too small. Make sure you avoid either error when you have a heating installation in Mounds View, MN done: hire experienced, NATE-certified technicians to take care of sizing your heater and installing it correctly. You’ll find the right professionals for the job at Air Mechanical, Inc.

A heater that’s too small

You probably understand the disadvantages of installing a heater that’s too small for your home. The system will need to run almost constantly to attain the temperature you desire, which will drain power and lead to a short system life. Even with near-continual operation, the heater will probably never manage to provide even warmth through your home, and some rooms will remain chilly.

A heater that’s too large

What’s so problematic about an overlarge heater? It’s called “short cycling”: the heater will raise the temperature so rapidly that it will reach its target too quickly and shut off before completing its heating cycle. The indoor temperature will soon drop again, and the heater will turn back on for a brief time before shutting off once more… and so on and so on until your heater breaks down from all this unnecessary work. Because a heating system draws the most power during start-up, this constant start-stop cycle will also add up to large heating bills.

Professionals will find the right sized heater for you

Because modern heating systems are complex devices with numerous technical specifications, you will have a difficult time determining the right size one for your home. However, HVAC technicians with the proper training will encounter few problems narrowing down the choices. After performing a heat load calculation in your house to find out the level of heat it requires to make it comfortable, the technicians will know the heater size that will do the job. Our certified technicians at Air Mechanical, Inc. are ready to assist you with all stages of heating installation in Mounds View, MN. Don’t start the process without our trained help!

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