Electrical Panel Upgrades

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Do you happen to have an outdated or unsafe electrical panel? Do you perhaps experience power outages or power surges frequently? You may want to consider AMi’s Electrical Upgrade Services. Older electrical panels may not meet current safety standards, or in homes that have been remodeled circuits may be overloaded without you even realizing it. Upgrading to a modern panel with circuit breakers or whole home surge protectors reduces these risks significantly.

When you need an Electrical Panel Upgrade AMi Professional Electricians are experienced and able to help you meet the demands of electricity that your household requires. One way to know if your household’s electrical panel is not up to code or having issues is if your breakers won’t remain reset, if you have signs of electrical fires, or if your circuit breakers are constantly tripping.

The benefits of a new electrical panel could also include increasing a home’s resale value for those looking to sell their homes. Additionally, energy efficiency with saving on utility bills with a newer more efficient electrical panel. AMi would like all homeowners to see the benefits of electrical panel upgrades and if you would like to learn more visit ThinkAMi.com.

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