Heating Tip: Comparing Heating Fuel Costs

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Looking for a new heating system or upgrade for your Ham Lake area home? Before you choose a new furnace or boiler system, be sure that you understand how to compare the costs of fuel in your area. While you may thing that natural gas is the best choice for a furnace, you may find that an electric furnace would provide better energy savings for your particular home. There are many factors other than just the cost of the fuel to help you choose a cost-effective heating system to install. Call the Ham Lake heating professionals at Air Mechanical to help you through this process. First, you’ll need to decide which type of system you want to install.

Heating Options

Whether you are building a new home or retrofitting an existing heating system, you’ll have several options. You may decide that you want to upgrade your split system heat pump to a ductless mini split, especially if you are facing costly ductwork or adding a room to your home. While many newer homes the area install high-efficiency systems, you can also upgrade to zone control or install programmable thermostats to get more energy savings. Keep in mind that before installing a new high-efficiency furnace or boiler system, it’s a good idea to make other upgrades to ensure that your home is ready for this type of system. Radiant floor heating is ideal in new homes, since the flooring would have to be ripped up in remodeling jobs. We can go over the different types of heating systems that we install and help you select the most cost-effective one by going over different factors you should consider. Fuel cost is one of these factors.

Gas or Electric

While natural gas is typically less expensive than electric heating systems, you will definitely need to research fuel costs in the area before choosing. You may also choose a dual fuel system, such as a dual fuel heat pump. This type of system uses the electricity for the heat pump in heating mode until it is no longer efficient to do so. Then the system automatically switches to the gas furnace as a backup heater. Make sure you understand the costs of heating your particular home with both types of fuel before choosing a dual fuel or standard heat pump or gas boiler system. Feel free to call the Ham Lake heating experts at Air Mechanical if you have further questions about comparing fuel costs in our area.

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