Heating Tips: Small Heating System Upgrades That Add Up!

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The Ham Lake heating technicians at Air Mechanical have a few tips to help you save on heating costs this winter! Here are some small upgrades and changes you can make that really add up in the long run. Call Air Mechanical any time if you have questions or would like more heating tips and ways to save energy throughout the heating season. Programmable Thermostats Installing a programmable thermostat is an easy way to save on heating costs, especially if you have an older system. The new high-efficiency heating systems are designed with energy-saving features, such as variable speed fans, that help reduce energy usage and lower heating bills. However, older, two-speed systems run at full speed for longer periods. By installing a programmable thermostat with an older heating system, you can set the thermostat to automatically turn the system down according to the times you don't need it. There are many different models to choose from, including models that have weekend and vacation settings. Weatherization There are quite a few simple and easy ways to make your home more efficient. Sealing doors and cracks is an easy way to start the weatherization process. You can also seal off attic spaces and garages to help reduce wasted heat. Upgrading doors and windows or adding insulation are other ways to increase overall home efficiency. Duct Sealing and Cleaning
Duct sealing is another great way to reduce air loss in a central heating system. In addition, duct cleaning can also help ensure proper airflow, which increases the efficiency of a forced air system. If you are upgrading any component of your heating system, it is a good idea to have your ducts inspected and sealed.
Install a Humidifier The air inside your home can become excessively dry because of the heat output from your heating system. Installing a whole-home humidifier that works with your heating system can help improve indoor air quality. Adding the right amount of moisture to the air can also help protect furnishings, wood furniture, and wood floors.
Call the Ham Lake heating professionals at Air Mechanical any time to learn more about ways you can upgrade your heating system to help save on energy bills.

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