Ham Lake Plumbing FAQ: Do I Have a Frozen Water Line?

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If you think you may have a frozen water line leading to your Ham Lake area home, call the Ham Lake plumbers at Air Mechanical ASAP. A frozen water line can burst and cause a major leak and expense. If you aren’t sure, here are some things that let you know that you could have a potential water line leak.
  • No Water to the Plumbing Fixtures: While any water lines inside your home should not freeze, this can happen with pipes in unfinished areas of the home, such as a basement. If the temperatures have dropped below freezing and you aren’t getting any water to your fixtures, you could have a frozen water line leading to that plumbing fixture or appliance.
  • Meter Is Not Running: If you aren’t sure whether the water lines inside or outside are frozen, turn off the main water source. Then check the meter to see if it is still running. If so, you have a frozen water line in the house. If not, you probably have a frozen main water line. Call your utility company if this is the case.
  • When to Call a Plumber: The best way to tell whether or not you have a frozen water line, is to call the Ham Lake plumbers at Air Mechanical if you suspect a frozen pipe. We will send someone to your home as soon as we can to take a look or walk you through what to do before we get there.
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