How a Water Softener Protects Your Plumbing

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You may have heard someone complain about the effects of “hard water” before. Some people claim that if the water they use to wash their hair is what’s known as hard water, it makes their hair feel dry and brittle. Others claim it dries out the skin, while some say it makes a difference in the quality of their cooking. “Hard water” is an excess of minerals in the water supply coming into your home, such as calcium and magnesium. While its effects on your skin and hair may be legitimate concerns, there is a much more costly problem that should concern you even more: the potential damage to your plumbing.

The Problem with Hard Water

When hard water flows through your pipes, minerals may get left behind in the plumbing and cause damage to the pipes and fixtures. Hard water actually occurs in the majority of water supplies, which means that many pipes and fixtures can wear out sooner than they are meant to. Calcium and magnesium build up in the pipes, restricting the flow of water until, eventually, all you can do is have them replaced. The same type of damage may occur in your washing machine, your dishwasher, or your showerhead. While repairs might be possible in some cases, you may instead have to replace these appliances prematurely.

How a Water Softener Helps Your Home

A water softener contains a brine tank filled with a salt solution, which must be refilled from time to time. A small amount of salt replaces the minerals as the water moves through. The amount of salt should have no effect on your health, and it won’t build up in the pipes like calcium and magnesium will. A well-maintained water softener can have the following benefits for your home:
  • Protects your pipes.
  • Prevents damage to appliances.
  • Gets your dishes cleaner.
  • Stops soap residue from building up in a laundry cycle.
  • Keeps minerals from building up on faucets and drains.
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