How Do Reverse Osmosis Systems Work?

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Do you know what’s inside the water that comes out of your taps? It’s more than water, and often it consists of contamination, such as bacteria and suspended solids and high levels of salt, that you definitely don’t want in there. The most common option people take to achieve healthy drinking water is to purchase bottled water; however, bottled water is expensive and rarely much better in quality than tap water (because it often doesn’t cross state lines, bottled water has no federal health restrictions it must obey). The plastic of the bottles also clogs up landfills and is terrible for the environment. The best way to combat poor quality water from the municipal system is to install a whole-house water filtration system. We often recommend reverse osmosis systems in Blaine, MN to cleanse your family’s water. These do one of the most thorough jobs of eliminating contaminants from water of any system on the market. Call Air Mechanical, Inc. for an appointment to see how to best fit your home for a water treatment system.

The workings of a reverse osmosis system

Osmosis is the movement from an area of high concentration to an area of low concentration. A reverse osmosis system uses pressure areas creates within plumbing force water through a filter that would otherwise prevent water flow. The reverse osmosis system separates the water coming from the municipal supply into two compartments, with a semi-permeable membrane between them. The water coming from the supply side is put under heavy pressure, which forces the water to push through the membrane toward the low pressure side. The membrane finely filters out the particles and pollutants suspended in the water, trapping far more contaminants than a standard filter can. Reverse osmosis is useful for a variety of issues that can affect your water. Because they are excellent at filtering out salt to balance pH levels, they are often installed along with water softeners, which place salt into the water to counteract the hardness of the minerals. Sometimes, the salt level becomes too high, and a reverse osmosis system can restore the pH balance—along with removing numerous other undesirable particles. Is a reverse osmosis system the ideal water treatment solution for your home? The best way to answer that question is to schedule water testing from Air Mechanical, Inc. Our water quality experts will determine the issues in your home’s water supply and recommend a filtration option. For installation of reverse osmosis systems in Blaine, MN you can depend on our professional plumbers to handle the installation that will make sure you have the healthiest, best-tasting water possible.

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