How Does Duct Cleaning Save Me Money?

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You should schedule professional duct cleaning for your ventilation system every one or two years, depending on how rapidly your system gathers dust and other pollutants. A team of duct cleaning specialists will come to your home and use power vacuums and special agitation equipment to thoroughly remove the contamination from inside your ducts. You will not only receive better indoor air quality as a result, but you’ll also end up saving money. We’ll look over the ways that professional duct cleaning will lower your bills. For this job, hire only the most experienced technicians available. At Air Mechanical, Inc., we specialize in many types of air quality services, from duct cleaning to installing air cleaners. We are one of your best choices for expert duct cleaning in Ham Lake, MN.

How you can save money with regular duct cleaning

  • More energy-efficient HVAC system performance: It only takes a thin layer of dust inside your ducts to create friction against the airflow from your air conditioner and heater. With a significant build-up over a year or two, dirty ductwork will have a major impact on how efficiently your HVAC system operates, and this will result in an increase in your electrical bills. Duct cleaning will make your ducts “like new” and allow your forced-air HVAC system to breathe free again.
  • Fewer HVAC repairs: Congestion inside ducts will also lead to damage to an HVAC system. The increase in stress on the components will cause an air conditioner or heater to prematurely age and break down. Debris can also infiltrate the cabinet and damage motors, fans, and burners, leading to repairs as well. Clean ducts will protect your HVAC system from early and unnecessary repair needs.
  • Fewer ductwork repairs: Dirty ducts can eventually lead to damage to the ducts themselves from destructive debris that can form inside and weaken the ductwork material. This will result in leaks and gaps, which will require professional repair work to seal.
Whatever services you need for improving your indoor air quality, you’ll find it at Air Mechanical, Inc. Check out our indoor air quality tips for more information on how to keep the air in your home as clean as possible. Our extensive services for duct cleaning in Ham Lake, MN will not only improve your air, but save you money as well. Call us today to schedule an appointment for professional duct cleaning.

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