How Ductless Air Conditioning Cools Your Home

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All air conditioners rely on the same basic components to run, but only a select few can deliver air to your home without requiring the use of ducts. In many homes without ductwork, homeowners choose to install a ductwork system so they can take advantage of central air conditioning. However, in some older homes, this is not a possibility. And in some room additions or home extensions, this is impractical and unnecessary. Ductless air conditioning is a popular alternative to central air conditioning with many benefits. These air conditioners are energy-efficient, operate with less noise than window air conditioners, and have built-in zone control so that the people in your home may choose to set the temperature at different levels in different areas of the home. But how can an air conditioner distribute air to your home without using any ducts? Ductless air conditioning, like most conventional central AC systems, has two main components: the outdoor condenser unit and an indoor unit. However, unless you are cooling only one room, most ductless air conditioners have up to four indoor air handlers per outdoor unit. The only renovation to your home is a small hole drilled in the wall so that refrigerant can move through a line that runs to each unit. Each indoor air handler contains a blower fan that sucks the air from an area of your home. The air is cooled by the evaporator coil, where refrigerant changes from a liquid to a gas and removes heat from the air. The blower fan sends the now-cooled air into your home, and refrigerant then moves outdoors to release heat. The outside condenser unit of a ductless system contains the same components of any conventional system: the condenser unit, which changes refrigerant into a liquid as heat is transferred to the outside air, and the compressor, which compresses refrigerant into a higher-pressure liquid so that it can move indoors to repeat the process over again. Ductless systems are an efficient source of cooling for any home that cannot easily accommodate central air conditioning. When you need a professional to install, replace, repair, or maintain ductless air conditioning in Ham Lake, call the ductless experts at Air Mechanical, Inc.

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