How Ductless Cooling Can Save You Money

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Installing a ductless mini split heat pump or air conditioner in your home offers a number of excellent advantages. These comfort systems are especially useful if you live in a houses that lacks room for ductwork (such as an older or historic house), or if you plan on new home construction and wish to have the complete freedom to design the interior without worrying about fitting in a ventilation system. Ductless cooling can also save you money. In fact, it also certainly will if you make sure that you have the system installed professionally and schedule regular maintenance for it during the year. To start out right with ductless cooling in Ham Lake, MN, contact the company that has provided the 7-county Metro Area with quality home comfort since 1985: Air Mechanical, Inc. We offer excellent ductless installation, repairs, and maintenance.

The money-saving properties of ductless mini splits

At first, a ductless mini split AC/heat pump may seem more like a construction convenience and a method to improve indoor air quality than as a way to conserve energy. But there are two important ways that going ductless will lower your bills during the year:
  • Reduced energy loss: Air traveling through ducts loses energy along the way, no matter how well-sealed and maintained the ventilation system. Because ducts are placed in closed-off and stuffy areas of a home (between the walls, in the attic), heat will enter through the duct walls and raise the temperature of the area, making the air conditioning less efficient. (The reverse applies for a heat pump in heating mode: heat radiate out of the ducts.) The development of dust and dirt inside ductwork also causes air resistance that lowers system efficiency. Ductless systems give you cooling sent straight from blower units mounted on walls, providing you more efficient heating and cooling.
  • Zone control: Because ductless mini splits use individual blower units placed throughout a home, each with its own individual controls, you can shut off cooling to sections of the building that don’t need it. You no longer have to cool down the entire house when your central cooling comes on, only the rooms that are occupied. You will significantly reduce your cooling bills when you get rid of the need to wastefully condition empty rooms.
We also offer annual maintenance from trained technicians to make sure that your ductless system runs in the best condition and saves you money the way it should. Ductless mini split systems are not the ideal option for every home, so before you choose to have installation of ductless cooling in Ham Lake, MN, contact our specialists at Air Mechanical, Inc.

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