How Geothermal Cooling Systems Work

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Most people understand the basics of geothermal power: the planet Earth generates heat from its core, which then radiates outward toward the surface. Only about 10 feet below the ground, the Earth’s temperature starts to rise. Anyone who has gone into an underground cavern for any distance during cold weather will attest to the increase in temperature down below the surface. Systems that harness this heat are accessing a natural, clean, and renewable source of energy. But how does this relate to cooling down a home? A geothermal heat pump can both warm up and cool down a home, and we’ll explain how this works. To find out the necessary information to see if geothermal cooling in Andover, MN is appropriate for your household, call up the geothermal experts at Air Mechanical, Inc. today. Since 1985, we’ve cooled and heated the 7-county Metro Area.

The operation of a ground-source heat pump in cooling mode

A geothermal heat pump works much the same way that a standard air-source heat pump does: to cool your home, it removes heat from your indoor air and deposits it in the air outside. The process reverses for heating. The difference is that a ground-source heat pump (i.e. a geothermal heat pump) uses the ground for half of the exchange: it removes heat from the earth and moves it indoors for heating, and when you switch the system over to cooling, it removes the heat from indoors and puts it in the ground. Because the temperature in the ground remains at a steady level that is hardly affected by the fluctuations of surface weather, the geothermal heat pump always has a heat supply for the exchange: at around 55°F, it works ideally to remove and deposit heat. The ground loops that carry out the exchange run water through them to move the heat from one place to the other, and without causing any damage to the soil. Ground-source heat pumps are both reliable and clean, with few emissions that might endanger the environment.

But will a geothermal heat pump work for my home?

That’s a good question. It isn’t one we can answer here: every house and property is different. Limitations on space and differences in the soil can make a geothermal system impractical in some locations. However, our specialists at Air Mechanical, Inc. will find the best way to either apply a geothermal configuration for what you have available, or suggest an alternative for heating and cooling that will bring you comfort and energy savings. We are strong advocates of geothermal energy for homes, and we want you to take them into serious consideration. At Air Mechanical we do our best to see that you have excellent geothermal cooling in Andover, MN if it is the finest option for your home.

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