How Honeywell WIFI Thermostats Save Homeowners Money

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Poorly maintained components of your HVAC system can be a major drain on your energy bills. Dirty or worn down parts keep your unit from running as efficiently as it should, although a technician may be able to make some necessary adjustments during a maintenance visit. A dirty furnace filter or AC filter can prevent the proper amount of airflow from getting to your system, causing it to work harder. But one of the most surprising drains on your energy bills is an out-of date thermostat. In this guide, we’ll take a look at how you can save money installing a Honeywell WIFI thermostat in Oak Grove.

Manual Thermostats Can Cost You a Lot More

If you currently use a manual thermostat, you may be spending a lot more than you should. Manual thermostats are sometimes hard to read, as they contain dials and sliders that may be somewhat difficult to align. You may end up setting the thermostat too low in the summer, and even if you’re only off by one or two degrees in can make a significant impact on your energy spending throughout the month.

Save Money by Scheduling Your Heating and Cooling to Come on Throughout the Day

You can save money using a digital, programmable thermostat instead of a manual model. Digital thermostats have a clear display and allow you to vary the temperature throughout the day for increased savings. Set the temperature lower at peak hours to save on heating costs at those times. Additionally, you can save a lot of money by scheduling the thermostat to come on 30 minutes before you arrive home, instead of leaving it on throughout the day.

Use Your Honeywell WIFI Thermostat Anywhere

And with Honeywell WIFI thermostats, you may be more likely to take advantage of these programmable features since you can set your thermostat from a smart phone or computer no matter where you are located. Let’s say you set your thermostat to come on 30 minutes before you arrive home, but an unexpected meeting will keep you at work an extra hour. Simply pull out your smart phone, open an app, and delay your thermostat an hour—it’s that easy! Save money and your system by using your HVAC system sparingly with the help of Honeywell WIFI thermostats in Oak Grove. For installation services, call Air Mechanical, Inc. today!

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