How Sump Pumps Work in Oak Grove

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The combination of heavy rainfall and high water tables in many places in Oak Grove means the lower parts of homes can face trouble from flooding and excess moisture. Water entering basements and crawlspaces causes damage to building material and objects in storage, contributes to an uncomfortable rise in humidity, encourages the growth of unhealthy molds and mildew, and attracts pests like cockroaches and rodents. This is a problem you must solve. The best solution is to install a sump pump to remove the excess water. A sump pump takes the worry off your mind and automatically keeps your basement dry and safe. For more detailed information about sump pumps in Oak Grove, MN, specifically to find out what type and size of sump pump will protect your basement and/or crawlspace, contact Air Mechanical, Inc. Your comfort is our concern, and has been since 1985.

The operation of sump pumps

At their basic, sump pumps are electrically-powered impeller pumps that remove water from an excavated area called a sump and transport it into the wastewater system (or sometimes a well). The sump is created in a location where water flows naturally into it and begins to collect so that the water level is high enough for the pump to be able to remove it. There are two standard sump pump models.
  • Pedestal sump pumps, as their name implies, perch on a pedestal over the sump. The impeller is located at the bottom of the pump, and from it a pipe extends down into the sump. A float in the sump activates the impeller when the water level rises too high, and the water is pumped out until the water in the sump returns to its original level. Pedestal pumps need more power to run than the other model, but they are easy to service and suffer from less water damage because they are not in the sump.
  • Submersible sump pumps sit down within the water of the sump and draw water directly into their intakes. Whenever water is high enough to enter the intakes, the impeller motor turns on. Although sealed to prevent water damage, submersible pumps will wear down faster and need more repairs than pedestal pumps. However, they are more visually appealing than pedestal sump pumps (because they are mostly hidden) and use less energy because they do not need as much suction power.

What kind of pump should I get?

This is a question best left to a professional installer to answer. He or she can determine based on the layout of your basement and the amount of water it collects the type and size of pump to do the job. The installer will set the unit up for you, and you can rely on him or her for repairs and necessary regular maintenance. Our staff at Air Mechanical, Inc. has many years of experience with sump pumps in Oak Grove, MN. Trust to us to protect your home from flooding and excess moisture.

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