How Zone Heating Helps to Get You through the Winter

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Have you ever turned up the temperature on the thermostat in your home only to have a family member turn it back down again minutes later? Larger households generally share this experience if there is no zone control system in place. With colder weather approaching, it’s time to consider a zone control system for the comfort of everyone in your home and—more importantly—for your monthly bills.

What Is Zone Heating?

Most central heating systems have the ability to be adapted for zone control. With the installation of a hydronic heating system (a boiler that delivers hot water underneath the floor or to a baseboard or radiator to emit heat into the room), setup is usually easier, as modern boilers are manufactured with zone control in mind. But with central duct systems (for units like furnaces and heat pumps, and for your central air conditioner), a separate installation is necessary. Your technician will have to cut into your ductwork and install dampers that open and close as you adjust the thermostat. Each room or zone of the home gets its own thermostat. That means that you can change the temperature in one area of the house without affecting the temperature throughout the entire structure. This is revolutionary for anyone who’s ever argued about the temperature settings. What’s more is that you can shut off the heat in certain areas of the home to save money. And a zone control system makes it easier to heat a large home evenly, without so many hot or cold spots and without overworking and wearing down your heater.

Should You Have It Installed?

Smaller single-occupancy homes are likely better off without zone control. But homes with multiple people in multiple rooms—especially in two-story homes—can certainly benefit. In fact, some smaller homes can also benefit greatly from zone control if they have architectural and design features that make it difficult for heat to distribute evenly. Contact Air Mechanical, Inc. today to get a zone heating system installed in Blaine, MN or to get more helpful advice from our friendly team.

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