Humidification in the Winter

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As the Holiday season dies down, and the winter cold takes hold in February, having your home’s humidity at the optimal level can make all the difference for you and your family. Dry air can cause problems for not only your home but your health. Health problems caused by low humidity can be everything from allergies to viruses, snoring, and dry skin. Your home is also affected by dry air with wood damage and static in the house reaching a higher level.


The optimal level of humidity in the home should be at 30-50% to maintain healthy levels. Staying within this range is important to keep the best level of comfort in the home. To reach these ideal humidity levels Air Mechanical offers Whole Home Humidifiers, which are installed within your home’s HVAC system. Whole Home Humidifiers pull air from the environment and add moisture to the air before sending it back into your home’s air duct system.


The Whole Home Humification system provides benefits for your home as increased energy efficiency, higher comfort level, keeps wood crack-free, and overall indoor air quality increases. To learn more about installing this in your home please call or visit

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