Humidity Problems in Ham Lake

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Do you know the humidity levels in your home? We can easily check the humidity levels of the outdoor air by looking on the internet or in the newspaper. But few people are actually aware of the humidity levels in their own home. There are a number of problems associated with high and low humidity in your house. Below we’ve listed some of the common problems that people in Ham Lake experience because due to too much or too little humidity.

Low Humidity

We’re all probably familiar with the feeling of low humidity levels: the air feels dry and your skin can feel uncomfortable. Here are a few of the problems associated with low moisture in the air.
  • Dry skin – This can lead to painful or irritating cracks in the skin.
  • Dry throat and nasal passages – One of our body’s way of defending itself is with the mucous membranes in the nose and throat. Without proper humidity, these can dry out and potentially leave you more vulnerable to viruses.
  • Allergies – With low humidity, dust levels can increase because of dry skin and because the shells of dust mites dry out and enter the air.
  • Property – In dry conditions, some pieces of furniture and paintings can wear faster, dry out or crack.
  • Static electricity – When it’s too dry in your house, you may discover that static electricity builds up quickly and can be annoying and painful.

High Humidity

On the other side of the coin is high humidity. This has its own set of difficulties and problems.
  • Dust Mites and Other Insects – In homes with high humidity, dust mites and pests thrive. This can create and unhealthy environment who suffer from asthma or allergies.
  • Mold – Mold needs two things to live: oxygen and moisture. In homes with high humidity, typically in the summer, mold levels can increase. This can also cause problems for people who are sensitive to mold spores.
  • Rot – Wood rot is another problem associated with high humidity levels.
If you have questions about your home’s humidity levels, or if you’re interested in a home humidity control system, contact Air Mechanical. We have years of experience keeping our customers in Ham Lake comfortable in their homes.

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