Is a Whole House Dehumidifier Right for Me?

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Minnesota is the Land of 10,000 Lakes… and that also means it’s the land of high levels of water vapor in the air during the summer. Excess moisture in the air means more discomfort during the heat, water damage to your home, and spending extra money to run your air conditioner. There are methods to reduce humidity in your home, but the most effective is to have a whole-house dehumidifier installed. This requires the work of professionals, who must select the right type of dehumidifier and the correct size, and then install it in your ventilation system so that it does the job it’s supposed to do. If you are on the fence about whether whole-house dehumidifiers in Andover, MN are right for your home, call our indoor air quality specialists at Air Mechanical, Inc.

How a whole-house dehumidifier can benefit you

  • Greater comfort: High humidity makes it more difficult to release body heat through perspiration; the moisture in the air slows down the rate of sweat evaporation. This makes the air feel hotter than it actually is, and can make the summer days quite unpleasant. Balancing the humidity will make your home much more comfortable for the warm months.
  • Save money on air conditioning: Lowering humidity from 80% down to 50% will usually make you comfortable enough that you can reduce your use of the air conditioning system by a third. If you feel that you must keep the air conditioning running most days to combat the sweltering heat, then installing a whole-house dehumidifier will make a significant reduction in your cooling costs.
  • Stop mold, mildew, and wood rot: High moisture is a breeding ground for mold, mildew, and other biological growths that you do not want developing in your home. All of these growths can cause significant damage to wood and drywall. In addition, mold can release dangerous toxic spores that will harm your indoor air quality. Mold and mildew inside a home is often a major warning sign that you need to have humidity controls installed.

Call for professional assessment of humidity in your home

When you notice the signs of high humidity in your home, call Air Mechanical, Inc. and talk to one of our staff members knowledgeable about whole-house dehumidifiers in Andover, MN. An assessment of your home will help our team determine if you will benefit from a dehumidifier, and what type and size will do the right job. The process of selecting a unit is more complicated than your may think, and you will be thankful for the professional assistance of our technicians.

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