Is It Time for a New Air Conditioner?

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How long has your air conditioner been a part of your home? 10 years? 15? Many homeowners aren’t even sure of the age of their AC unit, especially if it was a part of the home at the time of purchase. So how can you tell that the air conditioner needs to go? Pay attention to the signs discussed in this guide, and learn how to weigh the benefits of a new AC versus a costly repair.

Is Your System Past Its Prime?

Often, people begin to question whether an AC needs replacement only once it begins to perform poorly. If your home just doesn’t seem to get as cool as it once did, it’s definitely time to call a professional. Only a technician can tell you for sure if a system’s time is up, but there are some signs that indicate keeping that older unit around just isn’t worth it. Do you seem to make repairs way too frequently? Multiple costly repairs in a year are probably indicative of a larger problem. In fact, it’s possible that the AC was never the right size for your home anyway, and replacing the unit will help with both performance and efficiency. Eventually, repairs become a patch that does little to keep the system running for long. If repairs are half the cost of a new system, it’s probably time to replace. You should schedule professional AC maintenance each year in order to keep your unit running efficiently. However, there comes a point where even this does not help to keep your system running smoothly. After about 10 – 15 years, replacement becomes the best option for keeping your bills low.

The Benefit of AC Replacement

Though replacing an AC can seem like a daunting task, a new air conditioning system will likely offer better performance and efficiency. Air conditioners manufactured today must meet certain standards for efficiency which were not in place 10 years ago. This means that today’s units last for longer while saving you money each month. Choosing a more efficient system can make opening your energy bills a lot less painful for many summers to come. If you suspect that you need air conditioning replacement or repair in Andover, MN, call Air Mechanical, Inc. today! We will thoroughly assess your system and present you with an honest evaluation of the unit.

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