Is Your Heating System Ready for the Cooler Weather Ahead?

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Your air conditioner is finally getting a break, and it’s time to get your heating system running full time again. But if your heater has not been properly maintained, it could have poor efficiency, undesirable performance, or even some concerning safety issues. Get your heater ready for fall by scheduling a maintenance checkup before the cooler weather gets more severe. Read our guide for more information about why this matters.

Potential Heating Problems

One of the reasons we strongly recommend regular maintenance is potential safety issues. Yes, it is rare for a modern-day heating unit to develop such problems. However, a gas or carbon monoxide leak or fire hazard is always possible, and you may not be able to detect the problem on your own. Additionally, performance issues are likely after last year’s heating season. You ran your heater all winter long, which means the components likely wore down and are no longer able to run at peak efficiency. This issue may be solved with a professional maintenance visit.

The Benefits of Maintenance

During maintenance, a professional HVAC technician will inspect your heater for safety and performance, make a few adjustments, and even clean off multiple components. There are many benefits to this:
  • Fewer repairs: A system that is well maintained is unlikely to require any major repairs over the season. If it does need repairs, your technician may find the problem during an inspection, so you can schedule them ASAP.
  • Peace of mind: You’re a lot calmer and more comfortable when you know the heater is safe to run.
  • Longer lifespan: Systems that are regularly maintained tend to live longer.
  • Better efficiency: Spend less on gas and electricity with a system that is clean, efficient, and operating smoothly.
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