Make a New Year’s Resolution to Save on Heating Costs

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New Year’s celebrations are a time to set goals that you believe you can reach in 2016. Unfortunately, too many people give up on their resolutions because they are not always so easy to achieve. Saving money is a common resolution for many people going into the new year, but assuming you’ll find success on the stock market might not be a reasonable expectation. Reasonable goals include things like skipping that morning coffee, cancelling an unused gym membership (we won’t tell), and finding ways to cut down on heating costs.

Add annual maintenance visits and air filter changes to your calendar

We recommend changing your filter each and every month, and scheduling a maintenance visit in the fall and in the spring. Annual heating and cooling maintenance can help to reduce your monthly bills with a tune-up of the system that allows it to run more smoothly. And changing the filter regularly allows air to flow through the system easily, resulting in fewer repairs and better efficiency. Set reminders in your phone or on your calendar!

Replace an older thermostat

It’s difficult to operate your air conditioner and heating system efficiently when you cannot program your thermostat in advance. Upgrade your thermostat today with a programmable model or a smart thermostat and you can save money on your monthly bills. Use it to automatically shut off or lower the temperature while you are away for the holidays, and to turn the temperature back up to a comfortable setting 20 minutes before you arrive.

Schedule repair or replacement services promptly

Finally, it’s important that you schedule repair and replacement services as early on in the year as possible if you want to save more money during the year. Allowing problems with your heater to continue too long with faulty components may mean sudden breakdowns when you really need the unit to work and higher bills as you overwork your system with each cycle. Happy New Year from Air Mechanical, Inc.! Call today for heating services and helpful advice from skilled professionals in Blaine, MN.

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