Replace Your Heater with a High Efficiency System

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When your heating system finally fails, you want to get it replaced fairly quickly. But we think you should take a little time to consider the benefits of choosing a high-efficiency heater, rather than going for a fast and inexpensive option. Your high-efficiency furnace, heat pump, or hydronic system can last longer, use less energy, and save you more in the long run. Learn more below.

High-Efficiency Systems Make Up for Their Higher Cost

If you have a high-efficiency heater that remains well-maintained throughout its lifespan, you’re likely to save more in the long run than if you jumped at the chance to get a less costly unit. Today’s high-efficiency heaters can potentially save homeowners in our area hundreds of dollars a year, particularly if they are replacing systems that are several decades old. Over the course of the next 15 or so years, the total cost of ownership should make up for the higher price of installation.

Choosing a High-Efficiency Unit

Of course, first you have to select the right high-efficiency system for your home. One that is too large or too small can cause you a lot of trouble and break down before its time is up. Selecting the right contractor is key to making sure sizing goes smoothly. Then, you can compare AFUE (annual fuel utilization efficiency) ratings on furnaces and boilers and the SEER (seasonal energy efficiency ratio) and HSPF (heating seasonal performance factor) for heat pumps. An AFUE of over 90 will be more efficient than any heater installed multiple decades ago. And you might consider a geothermal heat pump if you want to help the environment and save even more.

Replace Early on If Possible

If you have the opportunity to replace your heating system before it breaks down for good, we recommend it. The earlier you replace the heater, the more opportunity you have to choose a system that really is the right choice for your home. And you won’s have to deal with an annoying breakdown when you need it to work. Call Air Mechanical, Inc. today for heating services with friendly technicians in Andover, MN.

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