Setting Your Thermostat Efficiently in Cold Weather

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We’re on a mission: to keep local homeowners as comfortable as possible this winter while helping them spend less. Efficient heating is as easy as knowing how to set your thermostat the right way. More efficient thermostat settings can also reduce the amount of repairs you need to make to your heater, since it will not wear down so quickly. Learn more below!

Remember: The Heater Moves at One Speed

When you get home from work, you just want to be comfortable. So, you might raise the temperature on the thermostat as high as it goes. This way, you hope, your home will heat up faster. But this isn’t how a heating system works. It’s a common misconception, but you are just as well setting your thermostat to the most comfortable, efficient temperature (preferably one preprogrammed on the thermostat). Turning it up higher won’t make the home heat up any faster, since most furnaces move at just one speed to move warm air. You’ll only end up wasting energy!

Agree on a Temperature

We advise our customers to sit down with their family members and make sure that everyone agrees on an efficient temperature. The US Department of Energy recommends that you only set the temperature to about 68 degrees Fahrenheit, as this is something most people can feel comfortable with. Otherwise, pick the highest temperature everyone in the home can agree on. Then, don’t make too many changes too frequently. This allows for unnecessary wear and tear on the unit. When you have an efficient setting for the hours you are awake and at home, the thermostat will make the necessary changes itself.

Consider an Upgrade

Having trouble operating your thermostat? Forget to make the necessary changes when you leave or go on vacation? If you have a busy life, you might want to consider a smart thermostat. It allows you to make changes to the thermostat settings remotely, from your smartphone, so you can make energy-smart choices wherever you are, in an easy-to-use format.

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