Signs That You Need an Air Purifier in Your Home

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Throwing open the windows is great in springtime, but if you are finding that the outside air, even on hot days, seems more refreshing than your inside air, it may be time to consider installing an air purifier to your air conditioning system in Oak Grove. Why install a separate air purifier when your system has a built-in air filter? The air filter that comes standard with your air conditioner is there to protect your system from engulfing too much dirt and dust during normal usage. While this can help somewhat with indoor air quality, improving indoor air quality is not the main job of this filter, so it will not capture microbes like pollen, mold and mildew spores, odors or other things an air purifier can. Following are some of the most common reasons Air Mechanical, Inc., customers have chosen to add an air purifier to their Oak Grove air conditioning systems:
  • Allergy sufferers are suffering – the conditioned air in your home should be a relief to the people in it. If your allergy sufferers are exhibiting the sneezing, coughing and watery eyes that come with allergic reactions inside your house the same as outside your house, this can mean there are too many allergens floating around your home. Using an air purifier will help strain those allergens from the air, capturing them effectively so they can’t keep circulating through your air conditioning system.
  • Lingering smells – are there smells in your home that don’t seem to disappear? We’re talking about things like cooking smells, cleaning supply smells, smells from hobbies, like glue or paint – all odors that should dissipate once the task is completed. With an air purifier, smells don’t have the chance to linger as they are quickly filtered through the purification system, returning as fresh, cool air.
  • Problems with combustion sources – a combustion source is any appliance that burns when in use. Examples of combustion sources would be wood-burning stoves, candles, oil lamps and any kind of tobacco consumption. Anything that burns can become an air pollutant and can contribute negatively to your indoor air environment.
Don’t Let Your Lungs Go It Alone The average adult inhales and exhales around 11,000 liters of air per day; if your indoor air isn’t healthy, that’s a lot of poor air your lungs have to filter on their own. If you think your home could benefit from the installation of an air purifier in Oak Grove, call the people with almost 30 years of experience: call Air Mechanical, Inc. today.

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