The Advantages of Radiant Floor Heating Systems

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Radiant heating systems have been around for quite a while, but the more traditional versions of them have been eclipsed by forced air systems. This was exacerbated by the problems the older radiant systems had. Copper baseboard heaters can corrode over time, causing leaks in the walls. Radiators can slowly warp the floor under them from intense heat, causing them to tilt and not operate properly. Plus, having a large, hot metal object in the corner of your room could result in injury if you aren’t careful. The newest radiant heating technologies, however, have quite a lot to recommend them. Here are the advantages of radiant floor heating systems over forced air systems.

Radiant Heating Operations

Most radiant floor heating systems work by running small tubes between the floor and the subfloor of each room in your home. The boiler then heats water and pumps it through these tubes, causing heat to radiate up through the floor and into the room. This obviously works a lot better with hardwood floors, which more easily transmit heat to the rest of the room.


The first advantage of radiant heating is efficiency. Forced air systems lose about 30% of their thermal energy in transit between the furnace and the vent. This is due to the ducts not being air tight. Radiant heating systems deliver their heat through watertight tube systems, preserving more of their energy to be released into the rooms. The second advantage is that of even heating. When warm air is forced through a vent, it rises to the top of a room immediately. After it has cooled, it sinks back to the floor. This can create uncomfortable striations and cold spots in a room heated by forced air. The top part of a room may be warm, while the bottom is cold. Radiant heating transmits all of its heat from the floor upwards, including through solid objects like furniture. This ensures that the inhabited area of the room is warm and comfortable, without wasting energy in a section that no one is using, like the ceiling. If you are interested in installing a radiant floor heating system, contactAir Mechanical, Inc. We provide full radiant heating services in the Blaine area.

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