There’s No Air Blowing from My Home’s Air Vents

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Every now and again, we like to address some of the most common repair calls we receive from customers in our service area. This is one that any homeowner may come across, whether it’s an air conditioning system or a heater that’s affected: there’s no air coming from the vents. Here’s what you should know about this all-too-common issue.

The system won’t start up at all

When your AC or heating system won’t start up at all, there may be a major problem within the system, or with the controls. Of course, check the thermostat first, and make sure it hasn’t switched into a different mode or run out of batteries unexpectedly. However, it’s more likely an issue you need a technician to check out ASAP. It could mean compressor trouble, though there might just be an inexpensive capacitor in need of replacement.

You hear the system start up, but there’s no airflow afterwards

Sometimes, homeowners can tell that the air conditioner or heater is attempting to start up, but air never comes out of the vents. Typically, the air conditioner or heater shuts off soon afterwards—an important safety feature. A safety switch tells the system that the blower fan is not working, which signals the unit to shut off so it does not overheat. You likely have a problem with the blower motor if this is the case.

Only one room is affected by a lack of airflow

If there’s only one room that’s not getting enough airflow to it, the problem might not have to do with the AC system or heater. The air ducts that help air reach its destination could have a major leakage issue, requiring repair from air duct specialists with the right experience for the job. Call Air Mechanical, Inc. for air conditioning and heating repairs services in Oak Grove, MN.

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