To Suffer or (Ductless) Split?

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I live in an attic. Let me clarify, I live in an attic which is not properly ventilated. This means that at any given time, my bedroom feels like it’s either ten degrees warmer or cooler than the temperature in the rest of the house. And right now it’s summer, so while the temperature on my thermostat is set at 72 degrees, it feels more like a sweat lodge in my room. It makes little difference what I set the thermostat to, my bedroom seems to have a mind of its own. Indeed, in older houses or houses that have not been properly ventilated, the temperatures in some rooms can be vastly different from the temperature in the rest of the house.
This is where a Ductless Split comes in. When a room (most commonly a master bedroom or a low-level family room) needs individual temperature control, a ductless split is the most effective solution. A Ductless Split can be controlled remotely (from your cell phone in some cases) and blends perfectly with the air in the rest of your home.
Take it from someone who has spent far too many nights either shivering beneath six blankets or sweating and running a fan all night: getting a ductless split in your bedroom is not an extravagance, it’s a necessity.

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