What Are Those Troublesome AC Noises?

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We know that temperatures are starting to get a little cooler but this doesn't mean we are going to be scot-free of any random heatwaves before the fall weather truly settles in. With that being the case, even as many of us start to prepare our heaters for the coming chill, it doesn't mean you should just leave your AC unattended and hope it works next summer.

At the end of a long cooling season is often the best time to schedule maintenance or even an air conditioner repair in Centerville, MN. This is especially true if your AC system has started to make any of these troubling noises.

What's That Noise Mean?

Here is a brief list of noises your air conditioner may start making at the end of the cooling season that signal it is time to make a call to your local Air Mechanical, Inc. technician.

  • Rattling: Rattling is the going to be a sound that indicates something in your air conditioning system is trying to break loose. Whether it is caused by a loose fan blade or a loose bolt, you don't want to ignore this noise because, if you do, it is likely to escalate.
  • Clanging: As we mentioned a moment ago, rattling noises escalate if they aren't taken care of. If a rattling noise is unaddressed for too long it will become a cleaning noise as those AC parts fully come free and start bouncing around inside your system, causing a variety of damages.
  • Screeching: This is a grating and obnoxious sound that you don't want to ignore (you probably couldn't even if you tried). The sound of screeching or squealing coming from your AC unit is going to be caused by repair needs such as loose fan blades or a faulty blower motor belt.
  • Hissing or bubbling: Don't mistake the sound of hissing from your cooling system with the whoosh of air. You don't want to hear any hissing from your air conditioner because it is usually caused by a refrigerant leak. You may also notice a bubbling noise if you have a refrigerant leak. With either noise, you'll want to schedule repairs ASAP.
  • Clicking: Lastly, clicking that lasts longer than a few moments at the start of your cooling cycle is not to be ignored. A continuous clicking is going to be an indicator of an electrical issue within your air conditioning system that needs to be addressed by a professional.

If your air conditioner has been acting up a little lately, but you are winding down your use of this system for the year, you still shouldn't ignore those warning signs. The last thing that anyone wants is to kick off their spring or summer with expensive AC repairs, or worse, an early system replacement.

If your air conditioner has been making some strange noises, take a moment to really listen to what it is saying and then give our team a call. We'll make sure your AC is in great shape before you shut it down for the year.

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