What Happens If Your Air Filter Is Clogged

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The flow of air in and out of your air conditioning system is going to play a big role in how comfortable your home is. After all, if no air gets in, there is nothing to cool. Likewise, no air getting out of the system means your home won't be able to cool down.

Let's discuss this first issue for now: the lack of air getting into your air conditioner. If your AC isn't getting good airflow it could be a problem with your air filter. And trust us, you want to address this issue as soon as you can.

Clogged Air Filters Can Have a Big Impact On Your Comfort

When we are discussing your air filter, we want to be clear that this isn't a system meant to help your indoor air quality. This filter is actually meant to capture dust, dirt, and other debris to keep them out of your air conditioner's internal components.

If your AC filter becomes too clogged with debris, it can hinder the flow of air getting into your system. This will, of course, reduce the ability of your unit to create cool air. But this is just one part of the problem that can be created when your air conditioner's filter gets packed full of dust and other contaminants.

Other potential issues that can develop as a result of a clogged air filter include:

  • An iced-over evaporator coil: Your evaporator coil is the part of your AC that refrigerant cycles through to absorb heat. When your air filter becomes clogged with dirt, it will reduce the airflow into your AC that flows over your evaporator coil. This will lead to the system continuously cooling the air directly around it and creating a build-up of ice on the coil.
  • Poor home cooling: Low airflow means that there is less air being cooled and by default less cool air being delivered to your home. Of course, this can cause your home comfort to be harmed despite the fact that your energy bills are going up.
  • Short cycling: Short cycling is a phrase that refers to when an air conditioner is unable to complete its regular cooling cycle. A clogged air filter may cause your AC to begin short cycling because it is undergoing extra strain. This issue is seriously harmful to your AC's cooling process and its overall well being.

We Take Care of Bad Air Filters and More

A dirty air filter may not seem like a big deal but it can quickly lead to the need for professional AC repair in Centerville, MN. Problems like the ones we've listed above can be avoided or prevented if you change your AC filter every few months. But if these problems do pop up, make sure you reach out for professional repairs from the technicians on our team. We can restore your air conditioner's effectiveness and efficiency so you can enjoy a comfortable home again.

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