Which Air Cleaner Is Best For My Home?

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Professionally installed air cleaners are one of the most effective methods to provide higher quality indoor air for a house. There is a wide variety of air cleaners currently available, and it is important that you make the choice for your home with the assistance of indoor air quality specialists. These professionals will identify what sort of contaminants you need to have removed from the air circulating through the rooms and HVAC system of your home, and then determine which air cleaner will best target and remove them. When you call Air Mechanical, Inc. for help with air cleaners in Ham Lake, MN or the surrounding areas, you’ll have the help of experts who will dedicate themselves to making sure you receive the finest installation possible. There are two broad categories of air cleaners to consider, mechanical and electronic.

Mechanical air cleaners

These cleaners work by capturing pollutants that try to move through them on a mat of fibers, filtering them out from the airflow. There are many different levels of effectiveness of mechanical filters, measured by their MERV rating. The higher the rating, the smaller the particles the filter can trap. However, you need to be cautious of extremely high MERV ratings, since you do not want to restrict the airflow from your heater or air conditioner and make it inefficient. (For example, the high-efficiency HEPA filters are mostly for commercial use and will interfere with residential systems.) A properly selected and installed mechanical air cleaner can filter out more than 99% of the contaminating particles circulating through a home’s HVAC system.

Electronic air cleaners

A weakness of mechanical air cleaners is that they do not affect gas and odor molecules, which will slip through them. If you need stronger air cleaning power to deal with chemicals, smoke, and bad odors from your HVAC system, then an electronic air cleaner is perhaps your best choice. One of these systems ionizes the air and changes the charge of the pollutants in it. The ionized pollutants are then drawn toward a set of collector plates where they are trapped. An effectively installed electronic air cleaner can capture particles down to 0.1 microns in size. These cleaners require electricity to run, but only a small amount and their operation should not have a noticeable impact on energy efficiency.

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