Which Type of Water Treatment System Is Right for My Home?

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Your family’s health and happiness is the most important thing. And one of the best ways to stay healthy and happy is by drinking plenty of water. Studies show that drinking more water increases concentration, wards off sickness, gives you energy throughout the day, and may even boost your mood. So to keep your family members in the best shape that they can be, you want to ensure they get plenty of clean, potable water. If you get your water from the municipal water supply, it usually runs through a water treatment facility first. This filters out many particles that could be contaminating the water. Furthermore, the city adds chemicals such as chlorine to kill microorganisms like bacteria and viruses and may add fluoride for residents’ dental health. But some particles may still find their way into your pipes, which is why many homeowners seek additional water treatment. Here are some of the water treatment systems you can use to protect your water.
  • Filtration Systems: A standard water filter generally filters out most of the particles that could enter your water supply, such as some bacteria and sediment. Water passes through a series of filters that strain these substances out, usually installed as cartridges attached to your pipes.
  • Specialty Cartridges: In your home, you may be concerned about specific contaminants because they are common to your area or because a family member is particularly sensitive. In this case, you can install a specialty cartridge that targets specific contaminants such as arsenic or nitrates.
  • Water Softener: Hard water is common to many homes, and for some people it may not become a problem. But the minerals in hard water—most commonly magnesium and calcium—may eventually cause blockages in the pipes, reducing the water pressure and ruining large appliances such as the dishwasher. A water softener replaces these minerals with sodium so you won’t need to replace your plumbing and fixtures too soon.
  • Reverse Osmosis System: Finally, a reverse osmosis system is perhaps the most powerful filtration system, removing even very small particles via a thin membrane which only allows water to pass through. Reverse osmosis can even filter out the sodium ions produced by your water softener.
To choose the right system for your home, you need professional advice from experts who can test your water for common contaminants. To schedule water treatment system installation in Andover, or to have any lingering questions answered, call the technicians at Air Mechanical, Inc.

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