Why a Boiler Might Be Your Best Choice for Heating Your Home

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Winter has arrived, and if the time has come to update your home heating system, you’ll want the most effective and efficient heater possible. This is a basic fact of life in Minnesota; we can’t settle for second best when it comes to keeping warm during the heavy cold season. We’d like to suggest that you consider a boiler for your heating this winter—and many winters to come. You might think boilers sound a bit old-fashioned (although they are younger than furnaces), but there are many advantages they offer to homeowners that should push them to near the top of your list for heating options. We’ll tell you about a few.

When you want to have boiler installation in Blaine, MN, contact our technicians at Air Mechanical, Inc. and find out about your options. We’ve installed boilers since 1985.

The benefits of a boiler

  • Fewer repair needs: Boilers do not have the same number of mechanical moving parts as other systems, such as furnaces and heat pumps. Because of this, they have fewer parts that will wear down and require repair or replacement. As long as you provide your boiler with regular maintenance, you should experience few problems with it during its lifetime.
  • Extended lifetime: Speaking of which… boilers can outlast most heating systems because of their resistance to wear and tear. It’s not surprising to have a boiler warm up a whole generation growing up in a home.
  • Quiet operation: No more noisy furnaces roaring to life; the hydronic power of a boiler is nearly silent.
  • Low-cost installation: Aside from the savings you’ll receive from reduced repairs and an enhanced lifespan, boilers will save you money because their initial installation costs are low compared to many other systems.
  • Better air quality: Since boilers use heat radiating off objects to warm up rooms instead of air forced through vents, they provide heat without contamination. They are especially beneficial for households with people who have allergies.

Have professionals install your boiler

If you think a boiler is the way to go for your home heating, call professional installers. They can determine if a boiler is indeed the best choice, and then install it so it will provide years of trouble-free warmth. Make your first call to Air Mechanical, Inc., where our years of experience will give you a great boiler installation in Blaine, MN.

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