Why Is My Furnace Making a Strange Noise?

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If you have a furnace in Andover, MN, you don’t want it to fail during one of our harsh cold winter days. If your furnace starts making unusual noises, it might be a warning sign of trouble. You probably know what sounds to expect from your furnace when it’s operating normally, so anything out of the ordinary needs your attention. If your furnace requires repairs, turn to the professionals at Air Mechanical Inc. We’ve serviced heating troubles since 1985 with our large and skilled staff, and can service your furnace in Andover.

Here are some reasons your furnace might have started to make odd noises:

Dirt build-up: If too much outside contamination gets into a furnace (usually because of problems with the air filter), it can damage the working parts and make it noisier. Dirty gas burners will cause a low rumbling noise. Ball bearings that need more lubrication will create a high-pitched squeal. The furnace will probably require a thorough cleaning, and the filter will need to be changed. Failing motors: If a motor is overworked and has not received proper maintenance, it can start to burn out. If you hear a humming noise from your furnace, it could be a motor that is about to die—leaving you with a non-functioning heater. Get a professional in right away to find out if the motor is the culprit and needs replacing. Gas leaks: If you have a furnace powered by natural gas, pay special attention to any rattling sounds coming from it. This might indicate a carbon-monoxide leak due to cracks in the heat exchanger. This is an urgent issue and needs an HVAC technician to remedy it immediately. It is very important that you do not attempt repairs on a furnace on your own unless you have expertise in HVAC technology. Furnaces are complicated machines, and tampering with them can lead to electric shocks or exposure to hazardous fumes, depending on its power source. Have professionals analyze the problem and make the necessary repairs when you suspect those noises are a serious issue. When you don’t like the sounds your furnace in Andover has started to make, contact Air Mechanical Inc for the expert help you’ll need to keep safe and warm.

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