Why Replacing Your Boiler May Be Worthwhile

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The boiler is one of the two great workhorses of the home heating world. (The other one is the furnace.) They have stayed around for so long because… well, they have the ability to stay around for a long time. Boilers have a longevity that few heating systems can match, and they need fewer repairs than furnaces or heat pumps do because they have fewer mechanical parts. With proper maintenance done annually, a boiler can last over 20 years. But at some point, your boiler in Ramsey, MN will require replacement. Here are some reasons that you might consider doing this. Call Air Mechanical, Inc. to help you make the decision, and to receive a quality installation for your new boiler.

Reasons to replace your boiler

  • The current one is losing energy efficiency: Take a look over your heating bills for the last two years. Has the cost of heating your home gradually risen? If you have kept up with regular maintenance and whatever repairs are necessary, this rise in heating costs is probably because your boiler has aged to the point that it is no longer energy-efficient and must work harder to reach its former level.
  • You want to take advantage of newer, high-efficiency boilers: During the time you’ve lived with your current boiler, many new advances in HVAC technology have increased boiler efficiency. New boiler models use more effective heat exchangers to rapidly transfer the heat from the combustion gas to the tank, resulting in reduced heat loss. You could save around 10% from your annual bills with the switch to a newer model.
  • You wish to avoid an abrupt break down: In general, you want to “pre-emptively” replace an aging boiler, not wait for it to permanently break down and leave you in the cold. You can arrange for the new installation during a more convenient, preferably warmer, time.
You may also consider replacing your boiler with a different type of system: radiant heating, which also uses hydronic power, is an attractive alternative. Consult with your installation technicians for advice about how best to proceed with new heating for your home. When you decide to replace your boiler in Ramsey, MN, make your first call to Air Mechanical, Inc. Make sure that you enroll in our maintenance program as well so your new boiler lasts as long as your old one. Since 1985, Air Mechanical, Inc. has been a top choice for heating, cooling, and plumbing in the 7-county Metro Area.

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